The Future Technology of UHS is Here

Over the summer as Uniontown High school students enjoyed their breaks either going to amusement parks or picnicking on the beach, the teachers and faculty had been busy preparing a brand new learning experience. Little did us students know the technological advances we’d return to this school year. This generous donation helped fund the recreation of how we give our morning announcements, as well as our brand new recording equipment and filming studio that’ll act as a definite surge in modern education. Along with this, the school has added even more team spirit to the aesthetic of our prided library with the graphics designed and placed by Uniontown bound Joyce Stewart and the help of our local Fast Signs.

In a sit-down chat with Mrs. Wallace, it was made clear that right now is just the beginning of what is yet to come. From the start of the initial project to now, the ideas and innovations have remained the same and with everything finally coming to play, it’s like a dream come true. The kids have taken full ownership and have created their own student faculty to independently run the live feed morning announcements, along with many of our student musicians taking much of an interest in our brand new audio recording studio located next to Mrs. Wallace’s room in the library. A new media-focused class has been considered for the near future with the intention of strengthening our students knowledge in the technological world we all live in. This class would focus on the propaganda approach of technology, a subject that is incorporated in several modern consumer & customer careers and would provide a step for many students’ future jobs.

Given this amazing opportunity, only good can come from our respected new advances and I can speak for myself and my fellow peers that what is to come next is going to mark Uniontown High school’s history as a learning environment based upon the millennials.

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