The Ghostly Mansion

There is a new haunted attraction in our area called “The Ghostly Mansion”. This new haunted house is very exciting to go to and only costs $20. This began when a local couple had their wedding reception at the Jewish Community Center. The center was later closed. They thought that it would be nice to be able to re-open and run the center and had the idea for a Halloween haunted attraction for people to enjoy.

If you go to the website their is an invitation to the wedding of Ellsworth and Elizabeth. The invitation states “You are cordially invited to attend the wedding ceremony and reception of Ellsworth and Elizabeth Ghostly, Autmn 1902. Your presence is requested for an event never to be forgotten.”

The couple has remodeled the mansion to return it to its former glory. They really had an amazing wedding there and want other people to have the same reaction. After the haunted house visits end in November they will return the mansion to the Jewish Community Center and it will be available for rental for receptions and events.

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