The History of Thanksgiving

We’re officially in November and a week and a half away from Thanksgiving. You could say it’s the perfect time to learn the history of the holiday. Thanksgiving is an American tradition that began when the U.S. was merely a British colony. The first Thanksgiving was Thursday, November 26th, 1621 in the Plymouth colony. The Pilgrims came over on the Mayflower in September of 1620. They survived through a terrible winter and suffered heartache.

After much suffering the Pilgrims met some helpful Native Americans who taught them how too live on their new land. Squanto was one of the Native Americans who taught them about planting and helped them grow crops. Because of this the Pilgrims had a successful harvest that fall. That very harvest was what provided the food for the first Thanksgiving feast. Hunters also killed turkey and deer for the meat for the feast.

Thanksgiving became a national holiday in 1789 when George Washington claimed it to be so. The holiday has become celebrated every where across The U.S. with feasts and celebrations. In modern times and historically this marks a day of being thankful for what you have. Especially during these hard times we should look forward to giving thanks. So enjoy your turkey and say a word of thanks, but remember this special day’s history.

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