The Importance of Time Management


What is time management? It is a set of principles, practices, skills, tools and systems that help you use your time to accomplish what you want. As high school students with full schedules, this is a pretty important skill to have in your tool belt. Making  the most of the the time we are given is key for your personal life and future career success. Here are some reasons why time management is so important and how you can utilize it in your life.

Time, obviously, is a special resource that can’t be tucked away or saved for later use. There are only twenty four hours in a day, so you have to plan your life wisely. Everyone has the same amount of time every day, and time that has been lost cannot be retrieved. Most everyone feels like they don’t have enough time in a day and too much to do in that given time. We have a tendency to blame our lack of time on poor finances,  stress, bad relationships, and for not caring for their body. However, wise time management can help us not only achieve what we want to do, but what we need to do as well. We have a necessity for time to get what we want out of life, therefore, we need to seize the time that is laid out before us. If you wait for more time to “magically” appear, you’re already losing. But through proper time management you can “create”  more time, thus being able to do more things within that time period.

Life creates a lot of distractions for us today with current technology and other things, so it’s very easy to find yourself distracted by unimportant things. You need to stop and ask yourself, is this TV show worth my time right now? Do I really need to be on social media right now? Is this video game really THAT important right now? The answer to all these questions is, probably not. Step one is recognizing this and realizing that you need to set aside your technology and focus on what really matters. Eliminate the activities in your life that don’t benefit your current goals. It’s all about priorities. Another thing you need to do is create a daily schedule. Plan ahead and map out how much time you’re going to spend on what it is you’re doing. Sure, you can have time to just relax, but you’ve gotta make time for it. Develop skills of self-discipline and block out those external distractions and stick to your schedule. Just as important is a degree of detachment and inner peace. This allows you to avoid spending emotional and mental energy on focusing on what others think and say about you. They help you stay calm and take difficulties and distractions on without breaking or losing energy and time. Finally, and most importantly, DON’T PROCRASTINATE!! This is a huge time-waster!! Stop setting things aside, and get them done! It’s best to finish things as quickly as possible in the best way you can.

If ever you find yourself distracted or stressed, just remember the goals you have set for yourself. The end goal is both happiness and success! So grab that planner and get out there!

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