The Man, the Myth, the Legend

You all may be wondering which one of our many natives deserves the title as a legend. For any person who competes for the track team or the cross country team may know who I’m referring to. However, for any who may not know, I’m referring to the head cross country and track distance team coach, Joe Everhart.

“What has he done to deserve to deserve the title as a legend?” you may be asking. Not only is he one of the most athletic and intelligent coaches in the history of cross country coaches, he’s definitely one of the most caring. When you join the cross country team, you’re welcomed onto the team of course, but you’re also welcomed to a family, Joe being the head of this family.

Most people associate running as a sport for a killer one where it isn’t fun. It becomes a killer sport if you only look at the running aspects of the sport. However, our coach allows you to see the fun sides of running. Towards the end of cross country, there’s a spaghetti dinner the day before one of the post-season invitationals. In one of the first weeks of summer conditioning, there’s also a pizza party at Joe’s house to introduce all the freshman and first year runners.

Joe, who’s full name is Albert Joseph Everhart, is the son of Abe Everhart, famed basketball coach of Uniontown’s basketball team from 1947 to 1976. Joe and his dad have been inducted into the hall of fame for their coaching skills. Joe attended UHS and competed on the track team. However, he was not a distance runner. He was a sprinter, with a personal best of 10.42 seconds in the 100 meter dash.  He attended Slippery Rock University, majored in education, and competed on their track team. After graduating, Joe returned to Uniontown, and became a fifth grade math and science teacher at Wharton Elementary, until 7 years ago in the year 2011, where he retired from teaching, but still coaches to this very day. Between him and his father, there has been a member of the Everhart family coaching a sport at Uniontown for over 100 years, as of the new year. Not only is his story coaching here at Uniontown legendary, but his family legacy of coaching is beyond the title of legendary.

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