The Musical Fiddler on The Roof

Uniontown Area High school presented Fiddler on The Roof on March 5, 6, and 7th. Both the cast and crew worked really hard to make the show perfect as possible. Each one of the three performances had good attendance in the crowd.

The musical was about the life of a Jewish father named Tevye who was a poor milkman that tries to follow the tradition of his people. He has 5 daughters Tzeitel, Hodel, Chava, Shprintze, and Bielke. He has a wife named Golde. The matchmaker decides that Tevye’s oldest Tzeital should marry Lazar Wolf who is the butcher. Tzeitel didn’t want to marry Lazar Wolf because she made a pledge with the tailor Motel. Tevye eventually lets Tzeital choose who she wants to marry in which she chooses Motel. Hodel, Tevye’s and Golde’s second daughter, falls in love with Perchik who is a student from Kiev. Their third daughter Chava falls in love with a Russian named Fyedka and they run away when she is ordered to never see him again and her family disowns her. In the end Tevye acknowledges both of them only to the be kicked out of their village.

On the last show night they brought forward all the seniors for them to do their last bow.


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