The NFL Draft

The first NFL Draft happened in 1936 in a hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The NFL Draft consists of general managers from each NFL team picking college players that they want to play for their team. Last night on April 25th, 2019, the Oklahoma Sooners made history by having their starting quarterbacks drafted 1st overall, for 2 years straight. The NFL Draft is difficult to get to, but the result is amazing.

The journey to the NFL Draft starts in high school. You have to put enough work in to get noticed by a college, then you have to go play college football. Once you make it onto a college football roster, you must play as hard as you can to get invited to the NFL Scouting Combine. You can still enter the draft without being invited to the combine, but most NFL players that get drafted high, get invited to the NFL Scouting Combine. The combine consists of many drills that test your speed, strength, and awareness. After the combine, NFL general managers, and coaches evaluate how you did, and they decide if they want to draft you or not.

Another thing that most players do to get ready for the draft, is to get a special suite tailored for them. Most suites relate to the college the player went to, or the players family in some way. Some players go to the gym right after being drafted. Other players party after being drafted.

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