The Power of Dancing

Why we need dance.

Dance is something amazing to be involved in. It shows a new perspective to view the world. You can communicate through dance electronics don’t always need to be used. Not everyone can communicate like others. Stepping on the stage and dancing and showing your emotions to everyone out there is always a good feeling.
These steps can transmit feelings to the audience. This is building up strong relationships daily. The language will fall away when we communicate with movement. Ideas can be shared through this. Pieces people or I have preformed can cause different emotions to the audience. Pieces can show the audience how someone feels. Some dancers find it very therapeutic. I find dance calming and fun, everyone thinks different about it.
The world needs dance. In this day and age it’s all about technology, there are many talented people out there that don’t know it yet. We need to realize the physical activity and communication with other people is important. What we can accomplish by doing thus activity. We need the time to turn off our notifications and walk into real life. We need the sense or the purpose, addressing the theme and the audience of what we are doing.
Dance needs an audience that pays attention and relates. What’s on stage and value each moment of it. Enjoy our time on stage as the audience can relate to us while we are up there. Dance needs us and we need dance.

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