The Raging River Storm

What a rain storm we had  two days ago! When newscasters give their weather predictions on the news they typically refer to weather located in the Laurel Highlands which refers to us.  Due to the hurricanes, the area got close to three inches of rain. Ohiopyle was quite a sight to see, as the the river was up to 13 feet and was still rising throughout the day on Monday!Two other tropical storms are on their way but none as strong as Hurricane Florence.

On a normal day in the borough of Ohiopyle, the river conditions reaches  an average of 1.8 – 2 feet (especially during the summer). Due to the heavy rainfall, the river started  at two and a half feet Sunday morning  and rose to a unbelievable height of 13.9 feet by the end of the day. Most rivers are measured in cubic feet so this means that at 13 feet it measured to 30,000 cubic feet per second.  The river still rose slowly through Sunday night and eventually reached 14 feet, but dropped back down to 12.59 ( 21,600 cubic feet per second)  Monday evening.  The average river height for September 10th last year and in previous years was only 924 cubic feet per second.

In the four years that I have lived in Ohiopyle, that was the highest I have ever seen the river. My father, Kenneth Bisbee  who is the park manager, recalls seeing the river even higher. “I saw the river at 16 feet which was pretty  amazing.  The water was lapping the sides of the 381 bridge and was rushing right under the observation decks”.  As you can see, the vast amount of rain we got didn’t  just affect the river itself,  it effected the many people using the river such as whitewater rafters. Thanks to the rain, the river was quite a sight to see as shown in the pictures and video below..

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