The Second Lockdown

Yesterday on December10, 2020 it was announced that Pennsylvania will being going into a second lockdown due to COVID-19. It’s like we are in the second wave of the Corona virus because there are so many new cases. Governor Tom Wolf recommends to stay home if possible.

Especially in Fayette county the number of cases have spiked. An inside resource told me that at Uniontown Hospital on average about 12 patients were diagnosed with Corona cases and now that number has increased to over 60 patients. The hospital has plans to open up other floors to make room for all the patients that are coming in.

Obviously it is no fun to be in quarantine yet again. However we hope local residents take it seriously this time so we can move beyond this pandemic. It is very important to wear your mask when going out in public. You also need to wash your hands very often. Try to stay home as much as possible. Only necessary buildings and business will be open as of Saturday, January 12, 2020.

Stay home and stay safe!

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