The Steelers 12-4 Season, Pressure for Playoffs

The Steelers had a thrill of a season, having one of the best starts to any franchise’s history, to falling short in one of the biggest upsets in football history. Their team this year had the biggest upsets that outraged the Steeler Nation, and in turn have the future of the staff and and players to look at.

For all of his vast experience and demonstrable coaching aptitudes, Mike Tomlin is best known along the Three Rivers for football seasons that swelled with promise and ended in playoff hysterics.

This 2020 Steelers team, Tomlin’s fourteenth, overcame unprecedented obstacles to race away to the fastest start in franchise history, 11-0, so why will I always remember them as the only Steelers outfit ever to lose to both a team without a name (Washington) and a team without a coach?

This team had a hot start, but many of the teams they faced were in weaker divisions compared to their own. After going 11-3, they played the Cowboys on the 27th of December and got a resounding result. This result was memorable because it marked a chance for the Steelers to find their stride once again and go into the playoffs with confidence. This was instantly shot down by a loss to the Browns on the 3rd on Sunday, their first game of 2021. They lost confidence and had a rematch the following week for the Wild Card game. This game ultimately rapped up a season of antics, and now because of this the organization is looking into replacing many of its players, and it has recently replaced 4 of the assistant coach for the team.

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