The Story of James Everhart

James Rice  Everhart was a UHS alumni. He graduated in 1934 with high honors, and he was the son of coach A.J. Everhart Sr. The “Senior High News”, which was the name of Uniontown High School’s newspaper back then, had an article about him earning his pilot wings, on December 11th 1941. When he was at Uniontown, James was the sports editor for the “Senior High News.” The article stated how James was at Shreveport, Louisiana for flying cadet school. It also said that when received his wings, he would also become a commissioned officer in the air corps. The article also predicted that James would be sent into active duty soon.

On Thurday, May 21, 1942, another article was published on James Everhart, but unfortunately it bore bad news. The article explained how Second Lieutenant Everhart was killed in a airplane crash, on May 17th. It happened at Barksdale Field, near Shreveport, Louisiana. Eight other men were also killed in the bomber crash. It also said that the military service would be held at the Everhart’s home on Friday at 2 o’clock.

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