The Story of Sandy Stephens

We all inspire to be great, some more than others. It is possible to achieve that goal of greatness. Sandy Emory Stephens II was living proof  that you can put yourself in that position with hard work dedication. Just recently a book has been written on the life of Sandy named “A Walk with the Black Moses” written by Barbara R. Stephens Foster. Both are graduates from Uniontown Area High School with great success.

Both the Author & Sanford graduated from yours truly Uniontown Area High School. Barbara went on to attend college at the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) & She holds a Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree with a concentration in Child Care Administration from the University of Minnesota. Sandy attended The University of Minnesota for two strong years (1959–1961). Stephens was a second-round NFL draft choice of the Cleveland Browns and the fifth overall selection in the AFL draft by the New York Titans. Also  The Canadian Football League (CFL) welcomed him as a quarterback, as the Montreal Alouettes offered a reported $25,000 signing bonus and a three-year contract at $30,000 per year.

Sandy Stephens fought through the muck and mire of prejudice, one-sidedness, discrimination, misperception, and being stereotyped.Stephen holds many great achievements throughout his life. He was the first black man to play quarterback at the University of Minnesota and remains the only quarterback to take the Gophers to the Rose Bowl (1961 and 1962). Another one of the many accomplishments is being a member of seven different sports Hall of Fame, which were known as the following: Rose Bowl Hall of Fame, Minnesota Sports Hall of Fame, Western Pennsylvania Intercollegiate Athletics League Hall of Fame, Fayette County Sports Hall of Fame, Pennsylvania All Sports Hall of Fame, National Football Foundation, College Football Hall of Fame, and Uniontown High School Academic, Arts, & Athletics Hall of Fame.

He was destined to be a beacon of hope for everyone who aspires to pursue a dream with the determination it takes to succeed.

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