The Tesla Cyber Truck

The new Cyber Truck is here from Tesla and you have never seen anything like it going down the road. But get ready to see a lot of them, because Tesla has already received 200,000 pre-orders. The truck is predicted to out-perform a majority of gas powered truck models.

The Cyber Truck has three options: Single motor rear wheel drive, Dual motor all wheel drive, and Tri-motor all wheel drive. The Tri-motor has the most towing capacity and power. It’s towing capacity is 14,000 lbs+. The tri-motor design is said to have a 0-60 time of about 2.9 seconds. That kind of speed is unheard of when it comes to trucks.

Cyber truck is built with an exterior shell made for extreme durability and passenger safety. The revolutionary exo-skeleton provides passengers with one of the safest rides ever. The Cyber Truck is designed be the most durable vehicle possible. Another reason for the exo-skeleton is that a traditional style vehicle frame would conflict with the battery pack under the floor of the truck.

This truck is definitely not like anything that you have ever seen before!

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