The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

Left chained in a cupboard without food and water, Gabriel Fernandez was an eight year old boy that fought to stay alive. Growing up, Fernandez lived with his grandfather for most of his life. However, once he turned eight, Gabriel went to live with his mother, Pearl Fernandez, and her boyfriend at that time, Isauro Aguirre. Gabriel lived with the couple for eight months, during that time he was showed no love or affection from them.

Netflix released a six episode series earlier this year. The first episode was released on February 26, 2020.The episodes showed the extent of Gabriel’s injuries and showed the videos filmed during the court hearings and trials. Pearl Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre were tried at different times due to their different charges. Aguirre was arrested for attempted murder, while Pearl Fernandez was arrested for felony child endangerment and child abuse. After, Gabriel died Aguirre was then tried for murder. Gabriel’s mother Pearl Fernandez was sentenced to life without parole after making a plea deal, while her boyfriend Aguirre was sentenced to death for the torture and killing of Gabriel Fernandez.

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