The Upcoming Stimulus Checks

Within the next few day people will be receiving the next stimulus check. Which is always a huge help during such uncertain times. The value for each person is $1,400 check. Again this is a huge help especially with the rise in unemployment due to Covid-19. One major change it is only people that make under $160,000 annually will receive the check.

Now it is great that people can get some extra money to help play the bills. But when you do some more research you can really see how bad it is. It’s been a while since we last received a check. Well that is because our government has been arguing back and forth about money, rather than take care of the people. Which is never good, especially when people livelihood might depend on that extra money.

Now let me tell you about a country that has been very good with stimulus checks. Canada, the northern neighbor of the USA, has done a great job. They are currently and consistently given unemployed citizens $2,000 regularly. Which to say is much more beneficial for the people, and for there ability to make it if there county. But in the end its all down to the persons outlook on the current situation in the world and USA.

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