The Walking Dead Season 6 Final

The Walking Dead is a zombie survival story following Rick Grimes. Rick used to be a cop before the zombies where everywhere. Rick was shot while on a police chase he when into a comma for a few months. Rick wakes up alone in a a abandoned hospital with no one around. Rick gets dressed and looks for his family they’re no where to be found. Rick decides to go to the nearest city to look for his wife and son. Rick almost get killed by a zombie but Glenn saves him and takes him to his people. Rick finds his wife there and his son and his old friend Shane. Shane got ricks wife pregnant and Rick doesn’t know. Rick later finds out and Shane tries to kill Rick but Rick kills Shane. Rick becomes the leader of the group that Shane used to lead. Now 6 seasons later this happens.

The last episode of season 6 of The Walking Dead ended with a huge cliffhanger! (Spoiler alert warning) The Saviors’ vicious leader, Negan, was off camera for all of season 6 in till the final episode. Rick and his group was trying to get to the “hilltop” because their is a doctor there. Maggie was going into labor so they needed a doctor to help deliver the baby. Glenn Maggie’s husband and Daryl and a few other not much care about was captured by Negan so he doesn’t know that Maggie is going into labor.

Rick and most of his group was in a RV trying to get to hilltop. Negan’s men blocked all the roads they took so they had to back up and try a different way. Negan then sets up a way to slow them down buy taking ricks peoples things and putting them on a zombie line all chained up, then shoots at them to scare them to the way Negan want wants them. They all got into the RV and drove down the road for a bit, they stopped a while after near a bridge and they witness a guy get hung by Negan and his men. Negan’s people capture Rick and his group, they take all of their weapons and tie them up. Negan then starts to talk about what he wants, he says he wants half of their stuff or else he will kill them.

Rick and his group killed lots of Negan’s people since they was talking half of the Hilltops stuff. Negan knows that Rick and his group killed his people so he also want to kill one of Ricks people. Negan then smashes someone head with a  barbed wire-covered baseball bat splitting apart that noggin like a melon being crushed with a sledgehammer. But the death was shown from the victim’s point of view so no one knows who died it is a big mystery no one will know until season 7 and that doesn’t come out till October 9, 2016.

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