Things to do in Uniontown

There are several things you can do here in Uniontown. One of various things would have to be going out to eat. We have many restaurants that you may enjoy. We have a new Texas Roadhouse coming, Bob Evans, Chilli’s, Applebee’s, and etc.

Another suggestion to do would be going to the movies. It’s right next to the mall so maybe if your child would not want to go they could go shop, or walk around. They have a couple movies playing at a time, and they always have the most recent and popular movies playing. When you first enter the movies they have a snack and drink stand for you to get everything. Then you would just sit down, and enjoy your movie and snacks.

Bowling is a fun activity for many age groups, so that would have to be my next suggestion. We have around two or three bowling alleys down here in Uniontown. It would be a fun activity for a Friday or Saturday night. They have food, and drinks for you to buy whenever you would like. They have around 20 lanes in each bowling alley so you could get as many lanes as you would like, also you could play as many games as you want.

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