Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts

Reading online is different from reading in a text book.

The easier to read and more engaging your posts are the more likely they’ll be read and the better your message will be conveyed.

Here’s some tips to help you write better posts on class blogs:

  • Do not use !, ?, or CAPITAL letters in article title. It’s like you are yelling at the reader. No one likes to be yelled at.
  • Keep article titles short and catchy. Using the same first letter like Notable Natives.
  • Enhance posts with images and other types of media including videos and by embedding online tools.
  • Feature Image – Think ahead about getting a photograph to go with piece. If there is an event after school, ask students attending to take photograph. If it is during school, make sure a photographer is assigned to capture photos.
  • Photography – Zoom in as tight as you can. Fill the frame with the subject. Take some with and without the flash. Always take several shots and choose the best.  Allow subject to view and approve their photo.
  • When uploading photographs, always give them an appropriate title and repeat this in the description.
  • Read, re-read, and read again. If you don’t feel like reading it, why would our audience take the time? Remember, the community, your parents, administrators, and teachers will also be viewing our newspaper. Write for them, not like you are texting your friend.
  • Proofread and spell check. Our goal is no errors. Mistakes make us look bad.
  • If an idea or line in your story or word is at all questionable or inappropriate, we are NOT publishing it. Our goal is to represent Uniontown High School in a positive fashion. We will be fair and unbiased in our reporting. We will take the approach that everyone matter and be their voice.
  • Do not plagiarize or copy information from the Internet. You are the voice of the school and we will write our own material.
  • Use short paragraphs.  Posts with really long paragraphs are harder to read online. Break your posts up with paragraphs.
  • Make the first sentence of each paragraph make your readers want to read the rest of the paragraph.
  • Use headings, and where appropriate bullet points and number lists, to break up the post into manageable bit size chunks.

Heading Styles

  • Insert Hyperlinks that link to other related sites. Change the color to blue and add underline so that readers will recognize them. Always check the box to open link in a new window.
  1. Highlight the text you want to link to a website, blog or post
  2. Click on the Insert/Edit Link icon in the standard formatting toolbar
  3. Paste the link URL
  4. Then click Add Link

Adding links


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