Tips for your Final Exams!

Studying for your final exam can be hard and nerve racking, so here’s some tips to help you out!

-Keep your energy level high! You will do better on your tests if you get 7-9 hours of sleep a day.

-Organize a calendar! Find out how much time studying you want to spend on each subject. Take some time in between each subject to free your mind and get ready to study again.

– Create study guides! When you make your study guide your also studying what your writing down, be sure to check over your study guide every day.

-Take your time! Don’t rush into studying everything in 10 minutes. Have time to really go over an study what you have to study.

-Stay Relaxed! Don’t worry about your finals have confidence and don’t stress it.

-Take a practice quiz! Ask a family member or friend to quiz you on what you need to know and it might help you understand things a little more.

-Figure out whats covered! Answer the questions you know first then go back and do the ones your not sure about.

-Don’t panic! Once you get the test and see all the questions don’t panic just take it step by step.



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