Tomahawk Talk Poetry Contest

“Poetry is the shadow cast by our streetlight imaginations.”

-Lawrence Ferlinghetti

It was once said that poetry is the door to the human heart. Today that idea is just as true as it was in the days of Socrates or Edgar Allen Poe, and it will continue to be true long after the reign of today’s greatest poets. Hence why it’s so very important to promote this concept of creativity and connection with our inner emotions amongst our peers today.

The greatest poetic geniuses of our generation could be amongst our very own student body, and we may never even know! That’s why hosting this poetry contest is so important. It could introduce you all to a world you never knew existed, one of wonder and vigor; a connection with emotions you never even knew you held.

So this November instead of waiting around for Thanksgiving break I challenge you to look now for what it is you’re grateful for. To find inspiration in your gratitude and to break the mold. Push yourselves to find creativity amongst your innermost thoughts. Join the stand! Join the Tomahawk Talk Poetry Contest.

For more information look below:


  • your entry must be 10 or more lines in length
  • it must relate to the theme
  • it can consist of no vulgar language
  • it must be YOUR original work

Theme: Gratitude

Prize: a gift card of your choosing worth $25 or an item worth the same from our school store

Turn your entries into Mrs. Marzano in the library computer lab or to

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