Tomahawk Tips: 5 Life Secrets

  1. Learn to focus only on the present– The past is in the past for a reason, so leave it in the past and focus on what’s going to happen in the present. Learn from your past mistakes so you don’t make them again in the present.
  2. Smile more often– Smiling is always a good thing! Sometimes people put on a fake smile and walk out the door, and that’s not a good thing to do. If you have to try smiling in the morning when you wake up, and every time you see yourself in the mirror smile, an even when you see something pretty smile. Just get in the force of habit to smile. Remember that happiness leads to smiles, and smiles also leads to happiness. Just smile guys!
  3. Think positive thoughts– You should try not to think of any negative thoughts because it will just make you sad and you won’t be happy. Thinking positive thoughts will or at least always make you happy. Positive thinking helps with stress and it can help with your health. You should always think the best is going to happen, not the worst. So just think positive from here on out!
  4. Develop the ability to forgive– Forgiveness is something that most people struggle with the most. You should try not to hold a grudge on someone just because they said something about you, show them that it doesn’t bother you and that you’re the better person. Forgiving someone would be one good thing that you will do in your lifetime.
  5. Be the person that makes others feel special– Be known as the hardworking, caring, kind heart person that puts everyone before yourself and makes everyone feel special.

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