Top 10 Careers in the Medical Field

1: Physicians and Surgeons- Physicians diagnose and treat patients, take medical history, and prescribe medication. Surgeons are also responsible for treating patients but focus more on operations to fix broken bones, cancerous tumors, etc. the average pay for these fields are 208,000 per year.

2:  Dentists- Dentists are responsible for helping patients have healthy gums and teeth. they diagnose patients with some diseases, and they give health tips on how these issues can be resolved. the pay for ths field is on average 159,000 per year.

3: Podiatrists- podiatrists provide medical and surgical care for foot, ankle, and lower leg problems. the average yearly wage for this field is 124,830 a year.

4: Pharmacists- Pharmacists dispense prescription medications to patients and offer advice about safely administering medicine without causing negative reactions. the average pay for this field 122,000 a year.

5: Nurse Anesthetists-  Nurse Anesthetists provide anesthesia and medical care during and after surgeries. their average yearly salary is 107,406.

6: Optometrists- Optometrists examine and treat visual problems and manage any diseases or injuries to the eyes. the average yearly wage for this field is 106,140.

7: Physician Assistants-  Physician Assistants include examining, diagnosing, and treating patients with helps of teams of physicians and surgeons. The average wage for this field is 101,000 per year.

8: Veterinarians-  Veterinarians  care for the health of animals by diagnosing, treating, and researching medical conditions of pets, livestock, and other animals. the average yearly wage for this field is 88,770.

9: Physical Therapists- Physical Therapists help injured patients improve their mobility and manage their pain through exercise and non-invasive procedures. The average wage for this field is 85,000 per year.

10: Occupational Therapists- Occupational Therapists work to treat disabled patients through common everyday activities. the average yearly wage of this field is 81,910.


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