Top 10 Spots to Vacation

Everyone loves going on vacation, but sometimes going to the same vacation spot might get boring or repetitive. If you’re stuck on where to go for vacation, here are the top 10 vacation spots around the world.

Number Ten is an unassuming place, Branson, Missouri. Branson is a small town, with big city entertainment. Millions of visitors visit each year to see a show at one Branson’s 50 theaters or enjoy their time at the lake.

Number Nine is a classic, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach is the ultimate vacation hub for the East Coast. It’s filled with amusement and water parks, restaurants, live entertainment, lots of hotels that will pamper you. Myrtle Beach is a perfect vacation spot for any age.

Number Eight is San Francisco, California. The city has a lot of interesting history behind it and great views to see. You can catch a ride on a cable car or a ferry. You can visit farmers markets, walk the piers, or stroll through Golden Gate Park.

Number Seven is a popular one, Orlando, Florida. There’s fun things to do everywhere in Orlando. You can visit one of the popular theme parks, Walt Disney World or Universal. Eat at some really good restaurants or shop at all the stores.

Number Six is Miami, Florida. This is a perfect spot for a vacation when you’re looking to go somewhere warm for the winter. Miami Beach is hot year-round.

Number five is London, England. London is a cosmopolitan city with lots of history behind it. You can see some historic buildings and try some royal foods.

Next stop is Number Four, Cancun, Mexico. Cancun has beaches for miles. It is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist sights. It’s a great place to go for spring break.

Number Three is Rome, Italy. With all the history, churches and restored ruins, you can get a glimpse of great Roman Empire. After all your exploring, you can enjoy a big bowl of pasta and some yummy gelato.

As we wind down, Number Two is New York, New York. It’s city of immigrants with a thriving art scene. You can see a show on Broadway, shop at the stores, or visit Central Park.

Number One is a perfect honeymoon trip or getaway with your significant other, Paris, France. The city of Love has so many sights to see, places to shop at, places to eat at, and museums to visit.

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