Top Five Pizza Places in Uniontown

The top five places to go to get pizza in Uniontown, would be Little Ceasers, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Fox’s Pizza Den. Their are a lot more pizza shops in Uniontown, but I feel like these five places are where people go the most. I also feel like they have really good prices for their pizza.

Little Ceasers would have the least expensive pizza. Their pizza is only $5.30. When you walk in to Little Ceasers their pizza is always Hot N’ Ready. You barely even have to wait for the pizza to get done, or wait in a long line. So if you’re ever in a hurry I would get your pizza from Little Ceasers.

Domino’s has the best deals for the best prices. They are always having combo deals, and other deals too. They have a mix and match deal where you pick 2 or any more for just $5.99 each. Domino’s has more than just pizza too. They have wings, hoagies, pasta and more. So if your looking for a better variety of things other than pizza I would go to Domino’s. Papa John’s also has really good deals. For a limited time you can choose any large specialty pizza for just $12 dollars each. They also have a wide variety of other things. They have desserts, chicken wings and more. If your looking for pizza, and other things I would go to these two places. They have good pizza, and really good deals and prices.

Pizza Hut has been around for a long time, and they have really good pizza also. Pizza Hut also has good prices as well. For a limited time only, you can get a large 2-topping pizza for $5.99. They have other things then pizza as well. Fox’s Pizza Den has been around for a long time too. As of right now they do not have any specials or deals. They still have good prices for their pizza though. You can get their Big Daddy for $20.99. Their Big Daddy’s have 21 pieces of pizza in it. The Big Daddy would be the best deal if you have a larger family, or are having a party. It’s also a good price for when you have to buy other things too.

These top five pizza places would be the best to go to. They have really good prices, good service, and they have a variety of other things too. These pizza places are the ones you would want to go to to end your pizza crave.

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