Recent Movies Releases

Several movies have been released lately such as Ride Along 2 with Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart.

Another movie you should go out and see is Race.  James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens is chasing his dream of becoming the greatest track & field athlete runner in history.  He raced in the 1936 summer Olympics which was held in Berlin, Germany.  He was shocked to realize the color of his skin couldn’t stop him from doing what he always dreamed of doing and show people he can over come the odds.  This movie opens February 16.

Another interesting movie that is coming up soon is Deadpool.  This character gets the power of healing and becomes a hero.  This is another Marvel movie, however this one is rated “R”. He got a change to fill the shoes of a hero and responsibility of one too such as taking down bad guys and saving the world This movie opens on February 12th



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