Top Three Scariest Horror Movies in 2020

“The Rental” this movie is about two couples on an ocean side getaway so spacious that the others did seemingly perfect. They felt like someone in the rental house maybe spying on them. Before long, what should have been assembled a Celebratory weekend trip turned into something for more sinister. Allison Brie plays Michelle, a sort of a main character. The second main character Dan Stevens plays as Charlie.

“The Pale Door”. This movie is definitely an interesting one, because after a botched train robbery two brothers leading a gang of cowboys my survive the night in a Ghost Town inhabited by coven of witches. They soon realize they’re getting watched and they try to fight as much as they can.

“You Should Have Left”. This one’s a personal favorite for me because every night me and my family watch a scary movie for every day in October. This movie is about how strange events played a couple and the young daughter when they rented us a clue to countryside house that has a dark past. The dad soon realizes that they’re attacking him and not his daughter.

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