Track and Field

One week from today, track season starts. Practice starts next Monday and the first meet is the week after that. The season spans from the first week of March to the end of May, depending on how far you qualify. The farthest you can qualify is states unless Nike or another athletic brand with a competition invites you.

Although track is an extremely hard competition, it can be refreshing and fun. During the end of track, the weather gets significantly warmer and the sun actually comes out which makes it so much more fun to participate in. When post-season comes around, there’s only a couple of people still practicing which is also more fun because there’s not as many things/people to worry about.

When you’re training with the same group of people 5-6 times a week, it’s easy to form a special bond with them. Running and training with your close friends makes all the hard work and exercises you’re doing, seem not that bad. With the combination of the warm weather, sunshine, and close friends it makes track and field such a fun sport.

Home Meet Schedule:

Thursday, March 14: 4 p.m. V California Area High School

Tuesday, April 2: 4 p.m. V Laurel Highlands Senior High School

Tuesday, April 9: 4 p.m. V Belle Vernon Area High School

Tuesday, April 16: 4 p.m. V Yough Senior High School

Saturday, April 27: 8:45 County Meet

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