Track vs. Cross Country – What do Uniontown Runners Prefer?

Here at Uniontown, a vast majority of our student athletes are members of both the track and cross country teams. Although both sports involve middle to long-distance running, it is evident that most runners are partial to one season over the other. Several athletes have voiced their opinions.

Based on several responses, cross country has proven to be the most popular season among athletes who have participated in both track and cross country. Dominic Scott, a freshman runner, explained what he likes best about being a member of the UCC team: “I like cross country the most because that’s when I feel the bonding between the team and all the fun things we do are in full swing. Plus, there is a variety of runs and courses in XC, not just a track.” Likewise, junior Titan Livingood appreciates the bonding experience that comes with running cross country. “It feels like feels like everyone is closer and we all can help each other since we share one common goal”, said Livingood. Also commenting on the family-like atmosphere of the cross country team, junior Ryliegh Kelley stated: “You and the team become one big family and it feels great having that support system.” Other runners, like Evelyn Kitelinger, simply enjoy the concept of running on all-terrain surfaces rather in circles around track. “I prefer cross country because I honestly feel like a hamster during track season,” the senior explained.

Junior Brandon Hebda, one of the few athletes surveyed who favor track season, justified his reasoning: “I used to prefer cross country a lot more over track”, stated Hebda, “but over time I realized I have a lot more fun at the track meets compared to the XC meets. They’re a lot more laid back and you get to run and participate more,” he adds. Much like Hebda, Kelley and Livingood enjoy certain aspects of track.  “I personally enjoy the weather conditions for track more than cross country”, said Kelley. Comparable to Hebda, Livingood enjoys the many opportunities for participation during track season. “I like track better when it comes to actual running though”, he explained, “just because I’m able to experiment with different events.” 

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