Transition back to school

As some students transition back to school there are a few things that students need to know. First, welcome back to the school building to the students attending in person. We hope you remain safe. There are some changes and new procedures that take effect. Just remember to try to stay flexible during the reopening process.

Since march when Covid became a major health issue everyone in the world is trying to stay safe. Our school also has implemented measures to help the students and staff remain healthy. Our first step is to monitor our health at home before we even get to school. Use the self monitoring sheet to assess your health daily. If you are healthy you can go to school.

You can expect to see everyone in a mask and temperatures will be checked thermally as you enter the building. Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the building. Social distancing will be the new normal. The hallways will have signs posted for traffic control and distancing. Students will also have assigned seating at desks in the cafeteria for lunch. There are now four lunch periods; A, B, C and D. The home screening tool as well as other information regarding the reopening process can be found on the district homepage. Stay safe Raider Nation.

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