Traveling During Covid-19

Planning for an upcoming vacation or trip? If so, there are some mandatory requirements that you have to do and/or schedule to do before leaving. If you plan on traveling by flying you have to receive a negative covid-19 test result before boarding a plane. Masks are mandatory during flights. The CDC website for traveling restrictions and guidelines prefer for people to do a self- quarantine for 14 days before boarding a plane, however it is not mandatory.

Public transportation such as buses, cabs, trains, etc. have a mandatory requirement of social distancing and masks to be worn. The CDC believe that airline travel is safer because social distancing is mandatory and can be controlled, where as on public transportation’s it is harder to manage.

After you return from your vacation or trip you should, although it is not mandatory but it is recommended that you get tested again and to self quarantine for at least 7 days, unless you received a positive covid-19 result, then you would have to quarantine for 14 days.

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