Turkey Season comes with a “Bang”

I along with a lot of other turkey hunters from this area hope to shoot a gobbler this spring. I get a week’s headstart because I am a junior hunter, and Junior’s first day of turkey is April 23rd. First Day of Regular Turkey Season starts on April 30th. The past two years I have been able to kill, turkey’s both years. The first Gobbler I shot, had a 8 and 3 quarters inch beard, and the next year I shot a jake. Both weighed around 20 pounds. I have had both times good mentors that took me and were able to call them in for me. Which if you ask me is everything to getting a shot at a gobbler. So let me give you some useful tips that I have learned from my mentors that will hopefully give you some success whenever you get out.

The biggest thing to remember when trying to get your Spring Gobbler is that the trick is in the scouting. No matter how good your gun or calls are, you can’t call in or shoot a Gobbler if there just isn’t one there. Get out before season and in the morning, look for some fields that turkeys are already hanging out in. That’s just a start, because if you really want to have a good chance to get one, then it is also good to put them to roost. Roost is when the turkey’s fly to the top of a tree for night to sleep. If you can find where they sleep then you can plan on ambushing them when they wake up. But don’t shoot them out of roost, there just isn’t much sport in that. The other big thing not to do when scouting is call! If you call to them before season, they can go from call happy to not responding to calls and just walk the opposite direction from you. They will learn to decipher the difference between the call and real hens.

Now to the fun stuff! My favorite part is talking about guns, ammo, and chokes. My gun I use, is a Beretta Outlander. It is a semi-auto, 12-Gauge, that shoot 2 3/4-3 inch shells. Now My shells are Winchester. They are called Long Beard XR. They are proven to have the best best patterns out to a distance of about 60 yards. Since I use Long Beard XR ammunition, I have chosen to go with the Long Beard XR Choke itself. I have just found that it has the best pattern with that ammo. Plus that ammo is new, so it won’t be going off the shelves any time soon. When it comes to calls, I have found that the more basic you stay, the easier. There are a lot of calls out there, and I think that most of them work fine, but I would definitely prefer that it doesn’t really matter what calls you get, but how good you are with the ones you have. Have fun and be safe while trying to get yourself a spring gobbler, hope these tips come in handy.

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