Tuxedos vs. Suits

Pertaining to the upcoming Snowball dance all of the boys have one question, tuxedo or suit?

The most noticeable difference between tuxedos and suits is the presence of satin. Tuxedos commonly have satin on the lapels, buttons, pocket trims, and on a stripe going  down the side of the trousers. The use of satin has decreased on modern tuxedos by using thinner strips of the material. The traditional way to wear a tuxedo is with a bow tie and cummerbunds  or waistcoats. For more modern occasions, such as prom and weddings, the line between what to wear with a tuxedo vs. suit has been blurred. Tuxedos are a statement outfit, used to mark a special occasion and to look good while doing it.

Suits are similar to tuxedos but they don’t have the satin finish that is associated with tuxedos. They tend to either have plastic buttons or buttons faced with the same material as the jacket, also known as self buttons. Suits are usually paired with long ties and high stance vests. However, bow ties are a common piece people tend to wear with their suits. Suits can be  an every day  attire for some but for others it can be their way of showing off their style.

You may still be wondering, “which one should I wear?” Well that is entirely up to you and your personal style. If you feel like looking extra snazzy, go for the tuxedo. If you still want to look nice but not be the eye candy of the night then by all means wear a suit. No matter which one you choose, you can stop in at Macy’s, Jcpenny’s, Ptak’s, and many other places to get your special look for the dance.

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