UAHS Band Welcomes New Auxiliary Director

On August 23rd, the UAHS Band welcomed Alex Wilson as the new auxiliary director. Alex is a current student at California University of Pennsylvania where she studies musical theater and dance. We had the opportunity to ask Alex a few questions about her interests and her former band experience.

  1. What encouraged you to have interest in becoming the Auxiliary Director?
    I was encouraged to become the auxiliary director when I helped judge auditions and saw all the passionate and talented kids auditioning. Every girl who tried out clearly loved what she was doing, and I wanted to be able to make that experience even better for them and encourage them to keep dancing/twirling/spinning and doing what they love.
  2. Do you have former band experience?
    I was involved with band in middle school as a silk, then went on to cheer and dance in high school. Although I never did high school marching band, most of my closest friends did, and that gave me a good look into how fun and important marching band was to their lives and the lives of many students like them.
  3. While studying musical theatre, have you performed in any shows?
    I have performed in several shows since studying musical theatre in college, some including Cal U Theatre’s Edges, serving as dance captain in Mamma Mia at the State Theatre, and playing Emily Hobbs in Elf: the Musical also at Cal U.
  4. What was your favorite performance? Why?
    My favorite performance had to be Mamma Mia, because I got to see the impact that the show had on so many members of our local community. There were people of all ages in the cast who all came together to celebrate their love of the arts and theatre. It’s amazing to be able to watch and participate in the beginnings of life long love of the arts.
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