UCC Traditons

Walking through the halls of Uniontown, It’s not hard to run into a member of the Cross Country team. Everyone on the team is extremely proud to be apart of it, wearing either t-shirts or hoodies they all let the world know what team they’re on. It’s less of a team and more of a tight knit family, it carries a lot of traditions that most people don’t know about.

Like any family, UCC likes to celebrate the holidays together. Here are a few examples:
Easter: Easter Egg scavenger hunt/ Bunny Hop 5K
Halloween: UCC Halloween run
Thanksgiving: Turkey Trot 5K
Christmas: Jingle Bell jog

Besides spending time on the holidays to celebrate being a team, they spend time together year round outside of meets and practices. After practice on Wednesday’s you can find the team at Meloni’s eating their share of Unlimited spaghetti before meeting at Coach Joe’s house for FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), which is also open to all.

Every year the team hosts a 5K called ”Chef Joe’s Omelet run” which raises money that they donate to the Western PA school of the blind. They’ve made a tradition out of visiting the school and spending time with the kids every year before having the Captains present them with a donation.

Another tradition that can’t be forgotten is the Ohiopyle bike ride! Every year at the end of summer the team visits Ohiopyle and bikes to Confluence, has lunch and bikes back!

We asked the team about what some of their favorite memories are and here’s what they had to say:
Logan Maust: ”I love running around with a speaker playing loud pump up music before and after the meets!”
Andrew Maher: ”Wrestling in the mud after it rains.”
Sam Jubin: ”Waking up in an ambulance after a meet with my team around me.”
Brandon Hebda: ”Running WPIAL’S with one shoe on.”
Alex Eitner: ”Summer captain practices.”

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