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What is study abroad? Study abroad is a program most colleges offer, that is not always encouraged as much as it should be. Study abroad gives college students a chance to experience other countries in- depth by living and going to school there. It is essentially your first vacation as an independent person but through your college, giving you a safety net to fall back on. Every college offers different programs to different countries; some programs last 2 weeks, but some last 6 months. Study abroad is an amazing opportunity, with many different options to fit your traveling preferences.

Currently, there are a few UHS alumni studying abroad in Europe: Elyse Tuennerman, Conner Cantalamessa, and Blain Schiff. All three of the alumni are juniors at their perspective colleges. Elyse attends Kalamazoo college, which has one of the highest rates of students who go on a study abroad program. She is currently studying in Aberdeen, Scotland. Elyse has taken full advantage of the opportunity, scheduling her classes so that they allow her to take a multitude of weekend trips all around Europe to places like Amsterdam and London and to many many castles. When asked about the opportunity Elyse said “my time abroad has been an amazing opportunity to experience the world. I have gotten to travel through Scotland and Europe more broadly. If an opportunity to study abroad arises, I definitely recommend that students take advantage of that!” Conner Cantalamessa attends Penn State to study engineering and is currently studying at the University of Limerick in Ireland. Blain Schiff who goes to Gettysburg College has traveled a lot during his time abroad, but is studying at a school in England.

Every college provides different opportunities, but study abroad is an amazing experience as all of these alumni would tell you. So do not be afraid of study abroad because of the distance or worry that you will not be able to enjoy it because of your class work. You can tailor the program to fit your preferences. So ask about perspective colleges about study abroad programs, I guarantee they have something for you. Whether you are a home body or  a travel enthusiast , go study abroad. You only get the chance one time, so take advantage of it.

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