UHS Band Trip to Cedar Point

On May 5-6, the UHS band went on their yearly trip. This year they decided to go to Cedar Point. They got to march in the parade around the park.

After the parade the students got to go enjoy the rest of the day in the park. It was opening weekend for the park and opening day for the new ride Steel Vengeance. Most of the rides kept closing and reopening but, some of the students had a great time. Some students also didn’t enjoy it as much as others. The lines for the rides weren’t as long as everyone thought they were. They went fast for a big theme park.

We spent the night at the Castaway Bay hotel. In the hotel there is an indoor water park. On our last day of the trip we spent the day at the water park. There was also an arcade we could go to play games. Some of the students went outside on the deck that went around the hotel with the view of the lake.



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