UHS Decked The Halls

A special thanks to all of the students and teachers who participated in the 2017 UHS Decks the Halls competition. The competition was a great success having over 15 rooms decorated. The winner was announced, and as we all know, Mrs. Kriebel won with a perfect score of 140/140. Her AP Chemistry class put together a magical chemistry Christmas, which included a performance of “12 Days of Chemistry”, a rendition of “12 Days of Christmas”. Runner up, Mrs. Ritenour’s AP Literature class turned the ordinary classroom into a winter retreat. The room included a make believe bedroom, kitchen, and a living room. In third place was Mrs. Marzano’s room. Their theme, the lights and sounds of Christmas, included a lightshow synchronized to Christmas music and a graphic designed by one of her students playing on all of the computer screens. Señor Girod had a theme of Stranger things going on in his room. Mr. Durso had lights and lasers all over the room including a huge inflatable snowman in the corner of his room.

Underneath all the fun of decorating, there was also some educational aspects to the rooms. Mrs. Kriebel’s students arranged elements to spell out Merry Christmas on the board and even used a Bunsen burner to create a real fire. Mrs. Ritenour’s class had written a poem to describe the room as the judges walked through. They also had their Christmas “Hamlet” dinner sitting in the middle of the table. Mrs. Grimm’s honors civics class had used the theme of Christmas at the white house, having Donald and Melania Trump give the judges a tour, which included the House of Representatives on one side of the room and the Senate on the other side. Mrs. Hough utilized recycled materials using empty boxes and left over copy paper to create a Christmas tree.

Watch the video showcasing the creativeness of all the students and teachers below. Tamahawk talk would also like to give a special thanks to our judges Mr. Jeffries, Mrs. Hager, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Baker, Mr. Scott, Mrs. Whitcomb, and Mrs. Sharanek. Also, Thanks to Mrs. Marzano for capturing footage of the rooms and Marissa Muchnok for taking pictures.


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