UHS Girls Soccer Tournament

On Sunday February 24th, 2019 the Uniontown girls soccer team participated in a tournament at Belle Vernon high school. This team consisted of:

  • Rebecca Burke
  • Gabrielle Burke
  • Casey Jablonsky
  • Nina Brown
  • Skylar Homes
  • Kendall Shaporka
  • Gina Grof

It was a long day for the Red Raiders. They had played a hard three games against Belle Vernon, Ringgold, and Laurel Highlands. Playing this hard led them to come out second in their bracket and advance to playoffs. Even though Rebecca Burke wasn’t 100% cleared to play she worked hard and dedicated to come out with a win. Nina Brown was one the players who scored against Belle Vernon and Gina Grof scored against Ringgold to go on to the play offs.

After many players would try to push us down we got back up and showed that it isn’t necessary to push and shove to win. Defense played very strong and did not give up when they could barely walk. Rebecca Burke was injured in the last tournament on her ankle but with determination she worked to make sure she can play. Gina Grof also injured her ankle during the first game but she played through the rest of the other games.

Offense played well together and there were not many shots. Gabrielle Burke, Nina Brown, Kendall Shaporka and Casey Jablonsky played fast and came back to help their defender. Skylar Homes was the goalkeeper who played well with the team and played smart to help our team score. She took hard shots but manage to get them out.

The final scores were Belle Vernon they won 2-1, Laurel Highlands tied 0-0, and Ringgold we won 1-0.

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