UHS Has Talent: Lauren Vernet

This week I decided to write about myself, not really because I want to but because I’ve been told that I am a good singer.

  1. Do you have a special talent? “Yes”
  1. What is it? ” I have been told by many people that am extremely good at singing”
  1. Do you feel like no one acknowledges your talent? “When I actually sing in front of people they do”
  1. Would you like people to acknowledge your talent? “I’ve gone a long time with people not knowing so I wouldn’t mind everyone not knowing”
  1. Do you have stage fright? “YES”
  1. Do you like your talent? “Yes, I do I just  have major stage fright so its hard to ever use it”
  1. Would you perform your talent? “I have before in show choir and chorus but alone I probably wouldn’t have enough courage”
  1. Anything else you would like to tell me about your talent… “Nothing more than what I’ve already told really, however, singing is hard to do well without putting your own emotion and feeling into it.”
Lauren Vernet

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