UHS Lip Sync Battle Contestants

Sign ups for the 2nd annual Lip Sync Battle has officially closed. Teachers and their student partners will compete head to head for the title of UHS Lip Sync Battle champion. The Lip Sync Battle will be recorded October 25/26th in the auditoruim. The Lip Sync Battle will makes its debt on October 28th. The following teachers and students will be “singing” their way into your heart in this year’s battle:

  1. Mrs. Howard & Christina Hebda
  2. Mr. Meadows & Victoria Knox
  3. Mr. Rabatin & Kerstie Nutt
  4. Mr. Durso & Emily Sharp
  5. Mrs. Kriebel, Mrs. Carbonara, Catie Carolla & Mikaela Fitzpatrick
  6. Mrs. Ritenour & Alec Basile
  7. Mrs. Sharenik & Olivia Lowther
  8. Mr. Yauger, Rhian Harris, and Gabe Savary
  9. Mr. Miller & Patrick Quinn
  10. Mrs. Marzano & Malaky Howard ft. Briana Marzano

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