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Summer is a time of relaxation and fun, and the summer going into senior year can be a very busy and crucial ones for decisions to be made regarding students future. Some people go the route of additional schooling or going right into the workforce, but others are going the route of the military.

More specifically the route of becoming a United States Marine. It is definitely not the easiest of routes after high school but it’s one that you can be very proud of. It also requires a lot of maturing and growing up in order to prepare yourself as best as possible for the tests of mental and physical toughness.

Devin Zack
Christopher Cope

From the process of being sworn in to embarking on your journey of becoming a United States Marine, it withers out all the bad about yourself and shapes you to be someone better. Christopher Cope and Devin Zack will be leaving for boot camp shortly after graduation of high school so it’ll be a very busy time to say the least.

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