UHS Presidential Election Results

The results are in from Tuesday, April 26’s UHS Presidential Election. A total number of 355 students voted (which is 52% of students). Thank you to everyone who voted and helped volunteer with the election. Also, a special thank you to Mr. Brown and Mrs. Howard for constructing the election. Here are the results:

180 of the 355 students voters had voted republican (50.8%). Donald Trump was the leading republican candidate coming in with 111 votes (62%). Following Donald was Ted Cruz with 51 votes (28.%). Next was John Kasich who received 18 votes (10%), the least amount of votes.

The remaining 175 student voters had voted democrat. The leading democrat candidate was Bernie Sanders coming in with 140 votes (80%). Hillary Clinton had received 35 votes (20%).

Although more students voted for a republican candidate rather than a democrat candidate, Bernie Sanders had received the most votes.

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