UHS Presidential Election

On April 26, Uniontown Area High School will have an election to see which presidential candidate our school will choose. In homeroom, students will receive a paper with all of the running candidates names on them. Students will be asked to choose which one they think would be the best president of the United States. You can only vote once. Choose a democrat or a republican candidate. If you happen to lose your paper or did not get one, you can come down to the cafeteria at any point in the day to get one. Mr. Brown’s APUSH class will be there first period, his Honors class will be there second, his Economics class will be there third period, and Mrs. Howard’s civics class will be there fourth. Please make sure to vote!

If you’re not sure about which candidate you should choose, here’s some basic information on them and their wants and beliefs:


Hillary Clinton – Hillary has been the first lady, a senator and the secretary of state. She wants to make public college debt free, fund universal pre-K and is against No Child Left Behind. Her thoughts on gun control are to ban several types of assault weapons and create a comprehensive background check system and close loopholes. She plans to expand Obamacare but does not want to attempt to create a universal healthcare system now.

Bernie Sanders – Bernie has been a mayor and a Senate committee chairman. He wants a free universal preschool and free tuition at public colleges and universities. He plans to ban assault weapons and launch universal government-provided healthcare. He believes that immigrants should be given a path to citizenship.


Donald Trump – Donald has been a television showman and a billionaire businessman. He believes that the government must cut spending more and believes climate change is not real. He does not want to cut Social Security or Medicare benefits. He wants to limit restrictions on guns and to ban some assault weapons. He wants to deport all undocumented individuals, freeze green cards, and ban all Muslims from entering the United States. He also wants to replace Obamacare.

Ted Cruz – Ted is a senator and a former prosecutor. He wants to end Common Core education and repeal Obamacare. He says there should be strict limits on abortion. He also wants to block any current effort that lets undocumented immigrants legally remain in the United States.

John Kasich – John spent nearly two decades in Congress and is the Ohio Governor. Unlike Donald Trump, he says climate change is real. He says that prison time should be lessened for nonviolent offenders, and that they should focus on rehabilitation and treatment. He wants to continue Common Core education, and says that undocumented immigrants should be allowed to stay in the country legally.

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