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Students including:  Quentin Hales, Andrew Schoener, Noah Trimmer, Alex Eitner, David Stevenson, and Luke Smeercheck are instructed by Mrs. Wallace. This fine group of students here at Uniontown High School are part of our exciting Robotics Club and are currently working towards their first competition sponsored by TETRIX ®

First Tech Challenge- Rover Ruckus, will be hosted at Upper Saint Clair on January 19th. Surprisingly it was the boys who came to Ms. Wallace to maybe have a robotics club for Uniontown last year in 2017. It mainly ended up with them experimenting on their own with what they could get there hands on. For example, their first project was known as the Sea Perch, but didn’t enter the competition for the follow up of this robot. “I always had a strong faith in my boys and their determination”, said Mrs. Wallace.

Earlier this year, the club was recognized by 4H member Jen Deichert and asked if we wanted to go bigger and compete. With this opportunity, the club sought help for donations, grants, and supporters. Their biggest supporters were the Teacher Union and First Inspires to gain the Rookie Grant. Now the club is off to their first competition in January. “Once they all came together with each of their personal strengths, they knew the project at hand was gonna be great.”

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