UHS Soccer team

This years soccer team we had 8 seniors, Me. Maggie, Casey, Morgan, Hannah, Mariah, Skyler, and Caitlin. This year was definitely hard on the girls, but we always played strong and tried our best. One of the best things you can have for a team is communication and loyalty, and we definitely had that the whole season. We weren’t just a team we was also each others families and friends. We would have practice together every day or hours and it made all of us grow so close, we would all hangout outside of practice together too which made it better for all of us, even though we was all so close everyone would get into disagreements on and off the field but it would just make us better because we would push each other to be better for the team.

We played a lot of different schools, we tried our hardest at each game but the majority of the games we played we lost. It definitely had an effect on all of us but it just pushed us to train more and to never give up. We had a lot of games where we came close to winning so that made us not be so upset about losing because we did our best. Even if we lost by a lot or was close after every game we would talk about what we need to work on and the next practice we would do just that.

The best night the team had together was our senior night and we played AG. It was special to all of us because half of the team was seniors and we all was very emotional about it being our last game with the team. We all got pictures together and a few tears were shed. But we all still played the hardest we ever did the whole season because it was the most important game. This season was one of the best we ever played together.

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