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UHS softball team has started conditioning. They are preparing and getting into shape for their trip to Florida. Their are three seniors on the team; Brittney Bryson, Savannah Guthrie and Hannah Guthrie. All of the girls lettered as freshman. They are considered to be the captains of the team they have the role of leading the others in the stretches and they help to make sure everything is in line if the coaches are running late to the practice.

The softball team has many new incoming freshman and many returning girls. There roughly 30 girls that are on the team. The season doesn’t start until April but their will be exhibition games during March. The team hasn’t done any team bonding yet but the trip to Florida will be a good time for everyone to get to know each other a little more and we will get to see how we play as a team. I know that the seniors are excited to see how we do and they are pretty confidence on how the team will perform. They see potential in each of the girls. During the practices we have been doing a lot more running and a lot of drills to help us prevent us from dropping the ball and the girls have been working on the tees to work on their swings.

The softball practices have been running smoothly for the most part. We have had some girls who’s shoulders has been hurting from throwing to much but are being taken care of by our trainer. Being one of the seniors on the team I’m hoping that the girls can put their differences to the side and play as a team when we are on the field. I think that’s one of the problems that the team has had in the pass and I’m hoping that will change for the better of the team and for the years to come.

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