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Tomahawk Talk would like to welcome the seven student teachers who are working at Uniontown High School to complete their studies.  We asked these future teachers what college they attend, what made them want to be a teacher, what they study, and what they enjoy about our school. This is an amazing group of young new teachers and we are glad that they are able to teach UHS students. Six of the student teachers attend California University of Pennsylvania except for Miss. Roby, who attends West Virginia University.

Miss. Roby – Gym/ Health Education

Miss. Roby is student teaching with Mr. Lion and Mr. Stevenson.  She expresses her excitement on why she wanted to become a teacher saying, I wanted to be a teacher because I want to teach children about why it is important to be healthy and how to do so. I also chose this profession because my cousin Kay inspired me to be a teacher.” Letting kids know about the dangers of smoking, and importance of eating healthy and to exercise is very important for high school students.  I asked her about UHS and she replied, “I like the variety of students of students that I have, that they come from all different backgrounds. I also love the block scheduling, Uniontown is a great school. My co-op teachers are amazing, I have learned so much from them already.” 

Miss. Whitehead – English

Miss Whitehead is working alongside Mrs. Jeffries.  We all remember playing house, school, and pretending to be an adult as children. Miss. Whitehead told us “I always wanted to be a teacher growing up and I had a very inspirational high school English teacher.” She later realized that this is a career she would like to pursue. Miss. Whitehead said, “All of the staff and students have been very welcoming”.

Miss. Strosnider – Biology

Miss. Strosnider, is studying biology with Mrs. Gadd, and always wanted to be a teacher because of her love for learning and science.  She stated, “Most importantly I wanted to be a teacher because it’s so wonderful passing on the torch of knowledge. Teaching students about how our world works and seeing my students face’s light up when they learn something new.”  She also said she enjoys UHS, “Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! It’s so wonderful to be able to work with such talented enthusiastic and overall amazing students and staff”.

Mr. Ziats – Social Studies

Mr. Ziats is studying social studies and teaching along side Ms. Gall.  He said that he decided to become a teacher so that he could work with and educate young people.  He said that the teachers at UHS were all nice and introduced themselves.

Mr. Scott – Math

Mr. Scott is shadowing Mrs. Vance in Math.  He said the following about becoming a math teacher, “When I was in high school. I loved helping friends learn and understand math like I did and I wanted it to become a part of my everyday life.”  In regards to his time at UHS he states, “Everybody at Uniontown has been super nice and helpful. All of the teachers and students have been welcoming to me.”

Miss. LoNigro – Math

Mrs. LoNigro is working with Mrs. Savage and plans to become a Math teacher.  She said that she choose this because “I wanted to be able to relate to students and have a positive impact on them, while hoping to motivate students to enjoy math.”  She likes the variety of personalities of all the students at UHS.

Miss. Lovery – Earth & Space Science

Miss Lovery is planning to become a science teacher and is student teaching with Mr. Pavlovich.  She choose this field stating, “I love science and the environmental issues that are currently taking place and teaching the science behind it.”  The also said that, “The staff is welcoming and the students are great.  Student teaching at this school has been a great start to my teaching career.”

Thank you for the UHS teachers who have taken on the responsibilities of training these future teachers.  We wish each one success as they prepare for their future careers.

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