UHS Teacher Lip Sync Battle

And here is the moment you all have been waiting for….. UHS Teacher Lip Sync Battle! A special thank you for all of the teachers involved, our online newspaper staff, and a special thank you to Justin Quinn for the lights and audio. Feel free to comment below on who you want to see be crowned the winner of our first Teacher Lip Sync Battle, share and enjoy!

[flowplayer src="http://uhstalk.org/Lip_Sync.mp4"]

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47 Comments on “UHS Teacher Lip Sync Battle”

  1. Very nice some were very entertaining I would have to say the last guy Mr. Durso he did Prince awesome but he stole the show with Miley…..I also really liked the 1st guy Mr. Scott…Loveshack was also very well put together but all in all Mr. Durso gets my vote

  2. Mr. Brown,
    Didn’t know you had it in you !!!
    I want you to come and lip sync a confederate song during my next Civil War Class.

  3. Wow! This was so fun to watch! Impressive job by all but my faves have to be Mr. Pav (those motions to Watch Me were hysterical) and Mr. Durso…the tears and close up shot was a nice touch. After watching I am inspired…I bet there are some teachers at Menallen who would be game for this and I KNOW the students would really get a kick out of it! We shall see… 😉

  4. If I could vote for Mr. Pav a hundred times I would. Not only should he win but he should also be on national news and getting famous for his talent and performance!

  5. Mr. Pav participated to show off and try to be funny. But that’s okay because he was amazing and he did great! I really enjoyed his performance and he still gets my vote, that’s for sure!

    1. I know right? Thats terrible! Did u see the newscast? Just wow. Mr. Durso was funny with that wig tho. But why did Mr. Brown have to win?! And he picked a weird song. They should have made him pick another one.

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