UHS Toy Drive

The Uniontown High School is holding a toy drive for the Fayette County Prison Angel Tree Program. They are doing this to give the less fortunate kids a great Christmas, they will be sponsoring kids ranging from newborns to 12th grade.

The school will be collecting toys and other things for the kids this year. They will be collecting coats, boots, and pajamas. They are hoping to gather things for about 190 children. The children they will be sponsoring are from newborns to 12th grade.

Kayla Ringer gave us her opinion on the topic:
“I really think this is a good idea for our school to do because it makes you feel better about yourself and makes other kids happy as well. A while back my brother and I did this for a family and he ended up working with the lady who he gave stuff too and she helped him get a better job. I also like the idea of doing this because it makes you feel good about yourself, knowing that you helped someone who really needed it. Sometimes it is hard for people to provide for their families on Christmas, even though they have full time jobs, they have other things to take care of.”

If you would like to donate please contact  Mrs Rhonda Sanders : rhonda.sanders@uasdraiders.org

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